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Nov. 23rd, 2008 | 05:13 pm
location: United States, Massachusetts, Norfolk County

So after a bottle and a half of wine last night I realized something. I am good just the way I am. All the goals I have created I am going to start following them. My goal at the end of 5 years is to gradute with a degree in culinry arts and culinary nutrition, with an associates in baking and pastry. I will the a concerantion in food service, I just had a break through during the week of finals I realized I want to help children. So I am going to study when I am done for by phd in pedactics I don't know if it's spelled right. I want to help over weight children diet healthy and have love for themselves. Unlike the doctors who kept blaming me for by weight and never tried to help me understand theeffects and the reasoning behind it.

So in turn I am starting to save money for a car, an apartment. And a life so I can afford medical school, if I need to go to it. I guess I am really happy I don't look like I am gonna be 22 huh?

I am learning sign lanuage and Spanish right now it's going well. I am going to attempt Italion and Japanese next year.

Anyways new out look on life and new everything I am looking forward to the greener grass and the whitest snow falls.

Thank you for reading. Paz y amor

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